The man, the myth, the legend: Gerald A. Oswald

Posted: November 18, 2013 by BSRadmin in Athlete Spotlight, Baseball, Local

gerald a oswald2

On November 17th, I walked into Donohue Cecere Funeral Home to commemorate the life of Gerald A. Oswald.

I had heard many great things of Oswald growing up – and used to wonder if it was possible to idolize someone that you never even met. But in my mind, I felt like I had met him.

In 93 years, I could only wish to achieve half of what Oswald has. This man fought for our country in World War II, played on the same field as Joe DiMaggio, and professionally scouted for the MLB St. Louis Cardinals.

And that’s just his credits on paper.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming with everyone reliving memories they’ve had with Oswald. Everyone their own unique story, but one common factor: Oswald’s lovable spirit. Something his daughter said that really resonated with me was that, everyone didn’t just love him, they liked him too.

One thing was for sure as I left the service; Oswald was a selfless man that has left such an impact on every life he touched. Whether it was with his signature bowtie that all of his grandsons were sporting in memory of him, his famous achievements or his everlasting memories that his family will share for a lifetime, Oswald’s legacy will live on because after all, legends never die.

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  1. Gerald Oswald says:

    That was really great…Gerry O.

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