The Jets are the Jets again

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4-1 heading into Foxborough seems almost like another season at this point for the Jets. After Sunday’s disaster performance against the Texans it seems everything is reverting back to last year.

Quarterback is still a giant hole for this team and it continues to hold back this offense from being anything above mediocre. It wasn’t all on Fitzpatrick for this loss though, as the offensive line failed to contain the Texans pass rush as the tape of this game may be JJ Watt’s best case for a repeat DPOY award. While this game was a dumpster fire for the Jets, there was one positive in this game as NT Damon Harrison seemed to be the only guy who suited up and came ready to play as he was a force in the middle of that defensive line.

The worst part of this loss – and the Jets current run of bad play – comes from their big signing in the off season All Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis got torched by the Texans’ Deandre Hopkins on a bomb by TJ  Yates (Yes, the Same TJ Yates who was probably sitting on his couch two weeks ago). Then towards the end of the game, suffered a concussion and could miss some time. Even if Revis is able to come back next week it does seem like he lost a step – even the Bills’ Sammy Watkins was able to get behind him last Thursday, and although he didn’t make the play, this has to be alarming to Jet fans.

Revis Island isn’t quite looking like the Gilligan’s Island it was before this season. Hopefully the cutting of Quinton Couples ,who never fit the system and proved to be a first round bust, can wake this team up. Without Revis in top form and a true franchise QB, I’d bet against the Jets the rest of the way.

Famous Jameis is the Real Deal

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19/29 246 yards and five touchdowns is the stat line for Jameis Winston for the Bucs rookie QB who demolished the Eagles on Sunday 45-17.

This performance went beyond the numbers for Winston; He’s portrayed his growth as the season has progressed, especially his ability to sense pressure escape the pocket and make plays down the field. Furthermore, he didn’t just attack one spot on the field as all five touchdowns were thrown to different receivers.He showed touch throwing a pretty goal line fade up to Mike Evans. Next drive came back with a strike on a perfect slant route from Vincent Jackson in between double coverage.

Beyond the touchdown drives, there were multiple cases where the offensive line had breakdowns and Winston quickly read it and dropped the ball off to one of his check downs (Which has been the most noticeable improvement from the rookie QB). He’s no longer eating big sacks or forcing the ball down the field. This makes him a QB that defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares trying to figure out how to stop.

Winston will continue to learn and progress but one thing is certain with Famous Jameis: he is a real deal, build-the-franchise-around QB.

NHL All Star Game New Format

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The NHL has announced that it is going to change it’s All Star game and it is nothing short of awesome. A three on three tournament that is going to be played out on All Star Sunday with fans voting players in for each divisions team . The tournament starts with Division vs Division playing out round robin in each conference. The winning team from the East and West will then play it out for the All Star Championship.

Now the key to the whole thing is what is going to drive players to play hard in a tournament like this? The NHL has announced that the winning team is going to receive one million dollars. That’s something that will motivate every NHL player.

Three on Three hockey already being used in overtime during this regular season has created excitement among fans. Imagine it with the best players in the league playing together. All that space for these high skill level guys is going to create some beautiful hockey that I am 100% going to tune into.

This new format has combined everything the fans want, seeing the best players in the league in a fun format competing as hard as they can. A+ move from the NHL a league that is continuing to be on the rise in viewership and should continue to grow with this All Star format change.

Last night, the latest college football playoff rankings were released and once again the Big 12 was left without a team in the top four. Oklahoma (9-1) and Oklahoma State (10-0) were the closest at number six and seven.

This is a real issue for fans of the Big 12 as the committee isn’t impressed with either teams’ schedule. Now both of these teams still have to play each other in the last week of the season and Oklahoma will have to play #19 TCU as well as Oklahoma State traveling to #10 Baylor. Now we go into the prior breakdown and why the next two weeks could smell disaster for the Big 12:

Oklahoma State the undefeated team who would be guaranteed to be in the playoffs are the least impressive, undefeated team in the history. They’ve escaped narrowly multiple times and history tells us they will slip up in one of the next two games.

Oklahoma the best team in this conference, who should win out, has that one loss that will keep them from the playoffs – an embarrassing loss to (4-6) Texas, a common opponent of current #4 ranked Notre Dame (a game Notre Dame won handily).

Without a major slip up the Big 12 will be left scratching there heads again watching the playoffs on there TV’s.

Giant Reunion: Hakeem Nicks

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Giants have announced the signing of Hakeem Nicks today who was with the team from 2009-2013.

The story of Hakeem Nicks’ first tenure with the Giants started with him being the replacement of Plaxico Burress. He was the go to target in the Giant offense and included the Giants most recent Super Bowl in 2011, which he was instrumental in winning. But once you win, everybody’s value goes up and it appeared that Nicks and the Giants had two different views on his true dollar value as he struggled through two injury plagued seasons before leaving the team.

Nicks hasn’t stuck anywhere since failing in both Indy and Tennessee. With all that being said, the Giants signing Nicks this season is a no-brainer for the Giants.  At his peak, Nicks was a top WR in the league and now with Victor Cruz done for the season, the Giants need a fourth wide receiver.

Nicks’ ability to stretch the field and play on the outside allows the Giants to move Odell Beckham into the slot more often and give Eli a target that he’s already very familiar with. This signing happening during the bye week gives Nicks time to get acquainted with the new Giants offense and that could really help him make an impact down the stretch.  Overall it’s a low risk, high reward signing by the Giants as there is no long term commitment and his past work with Eli could make him a very dangerous target in the offense.

Do you think it was the right move for the Giants?

The big topic coming out of week 10 isn’t the fact the Carolina Panthers are now 9-0 and how great Cam Newton has played, but it is instead on whether his celebration against the Titans crossed the line. Really?

Now look, I’ll be the first to say I feel when you score you should act like you’ve been there before, the classic  Barry Sanders hand the ball to the ref. But with all the celebrations that happen in the end zone and dancing why are we picking out Cam Newton? I get he’s confident and some would say arrogant but fact is, this season he’s earned the right to do that carrying the Panthers offense and his team to a  9-0. He’s been the leader and number one pick worthy guy for this franchise and all we can talk about is what he does once he scores?   I’m going to end this rant with Cam’s quote about his end zone celebrations because it says it all,”If you don’t like me to do it, don’t let me in [the endzone].”

What do you think?

Ireland Qualifies for EURO 2016

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Six years ago, Theirry Henry broke Irish hearts when he had his “hand of God”-like play to keep Ireland out of the World Cup. Today, it all came full circle for the Irish as a hand ball call on a Bosnian defender allowed Ireland to score a penalty and get control of this playoff.

John Walters was the hero of the day, scoring a brace first with his penalty then on a volley off of a beautiful free kick by Robbie Brady. This is the second straight European Championship that Ireland has qualified in via the playoff.

Battling through a tough group, which included beating the World Champion German team in Dublin.  Now while the Irish will be long shots to advance out of the group stage, you can never count out Ireland’s style of football with heart and passion as the Germans learned in Dublin.