With March Madness starting tomorrow, let’s have a little fun tonight with the Most Hated Players in Sports bracket. Weigh in on Twitter who you think the biggest (currently active) villain in sports is by using #BSRMostHated and we’ll narrow down bracket-style until we get the most hated player.

Filled in bracket will be published post-Twitter chat.

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BarrySports Tourney Challenge

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It’s that time of year again: March Madness.

You know what that means? Brackets on brackets.
So this year I’ve opened up the Beat BarrySports challenge on ESPN.com.

Think you have what it takes to beat BarrySports? Come join up! It’s completely free and easy to do, just follow the link, sign into ESPN and fill out your bracket.

Let the games begin!


Philly R-E-L-A-X

Posted: March 11, 2015 by BSRadmin in Football

Yesterday Sam Bradford was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for former Eagles starter Nick Foles along with some picks going both ways. This trade sent Twitter and everyone into a roar and many wondering if Chip Kelly is attempting to bury his own team. As Aaron Rodgers said earlier last season to Green Bay fans is the same thing I’d say to Eagle fans R-E-L-A-X for now. At this point Chip Kelly is in full bore with his system and doesn’t care who he lets go as proven by this off season. Eagle fans were looking for a trade up to draft Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Chip went a different route acquiring Bradford who as a rookie excelled and showed off his great accuracy and quick decision making under offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. Shurmur is the current Eagles offensive coordinator which plays a part in this move. Bradford while often injured was behind a weak offensive line with very little run game to support and provide Bradford time in the pocket. Will Bradford run the read option? No but he will make quick decisions and get the ball out of his hands in under three seconds which is the real key to Chip’s offense. In the end the key to this trade is that Bradford has the best ability, which is availability to be on the field and stay healthy.

Revis Island returns to the Jets

Posted: March 10, 2015 by BSRadmin in Football

It has just been reported that Darelle Revis has signed and, pending a physical, will come back to the New York Jets for around 5 years 70 million. For the Jets it’s another smart move by their new regime as earlier today they added mauling guard from the Seattle Seahawks James Carpenter. But for Revis he’s the all time free agent legend in a deal that ESPN’s Adam Schefter has said will make him the highest paid corner back of all time. Revis is coming up on 30 years old with an injury history, however when on the field the case can be made he is the best shutdown corner in the league. Coming off a season where he dominated with the Patriots, look for him to bring the island and take away a team’s top target. For opposing teams the Jet’s defense just became one of the more feared teams in the league as now they have the top shutdown corner in the league, a solid linebacking core, and a top three defensive line in the league.

The Jets offense will still need work, however this is an organization that is bringing in the pieces that should make them a contender next season.

Top Five Signings Today in the NFL

Posted: March 8, 2015 by BSRadmin in Football

NFL free agency begins Tuesday but NFL teams and players agents don’t seem to want to wait for it as numerous deals were signed today. With this many deals happening in one day here are my top five deals agreed upon today. Note: If the signing isn’t confirmed either by player or multiple reliable sources it wasn’t included here.

1.Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh to the Miami Dolphins for 114$ Million over six years 60 Million guaranteed all but signed. Suh becomes the richest defensive player in football in a contract that will pay him roughly 19 Million a season. For the Dolphins they get the best defensive tackle in football and now boast the best defensive line in the NFL on paper. Buyers beware here though as Suh will have immense pressure to live up to and has past of poor conduct on the field.

2. Cornerback Brandon Flowers Resigns with the San Diego Chargers. 4 years 36 Million. This was my favorite value deal of the day Flowers is a solid man to man corner who also has value as a leader and got paid right where he should be. The Chargers have up and coming corners like Jason Verett who have learned and now will continue to do so from Flowers who has outstanding technique on the outside. Flowers is only 28 years old and locking him up until he’s 32 is a great deal as they are not committed to long term but keep a key leader in the locker room and solid corner around.

3. Cornerback Byron Maxwell to the Philadelphia Eagles. Contract details waiting to be confirmed. Maxwell confirmed to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson that he will in fact be heading to the Eagles. This signing has much to do with the pedigree of the LOB (Legion of Boom) and the fact when playing against the NFC East in four games teams throwing at him went 8/18 108 yards two INT’s two pass deflections and most importantly zero TD’s.

4. Running Back Frank Gore to the Philadelphia Eagles. Contract details waiting to be confirmed three year deal rumored. Philly went out and took care of the hole left by LeSean McCoy’s departure with Frank Gore who has been one of the most consistent backs in the NFL over the last several years. The combination of him and Darren Sproles should give Philly a nice combination and Chip Kelly an easier time play calling.

5. Tight End Julius Thomas to the Jacksonville Jaguars.Contract details waiting to be confirmed. Jaguars struggled getting people open down field for QB Blake Bortles and addressed that today as Thomas should be a big target down the field for him. Many will say he is a product of Peyton Manning and it is a somewhat fair assessment because his numbers will dip as most do for guys who leave Peyton led teams. However for a team like the Jaguars bringing in that type of big target and providing a reliable tight end is highly important for Bortles growth and that of this Jacksonville offense.

It has been widely reported in the last hour that the New York Jets have traded for Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall in exchange for a fifth round pick. In what one can only assume is due to Marshall’s fall out in the Bears locker room, the Bears moved him in what many will consider under value for receiver like Marshall.

For the Jets this means whoever is playing QB next year has that true number one wide receiver on the outside with Marshall, who has no fear going over the middle and will immediately improve the Jets offense. Jets current cap space makes this deal a slam dunk as now they can move on from Percy Harvin’s ten million dollar option for this season. The Bears look to continue the rebuild and now makes it interesting if they will move on from QB Jay Cutler, who has had his share of locker room disturbances.

It’s early in the off season, but you’d have to say at the moment on paper the Jets are having a great off season.

LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills

Posted: March 3, 2015 by BSRadmin in Football
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Adam Schefter has just tweeted out that LeSean McCoy has been traded to the Buffalo Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso.

McCoy had been rumored to be moved for some time now, although it was supposed happen in a trade to move up in the NFL draft for Marcus Mariota. Left in wake at running back for Philly is Darren Sproles and Chris Polk. Kiko Alonso has the Oregon connection to Philly head coach Chip Kelly – and a big off season focus for Philly is improving the defense. Buffalo has continued to make big moves this off season and it’ll be interesting to see how this will turn out.

This move is sure to shake up the league. It now leaves the Eagles with cap space to go after guys like Suh and McCourty, while the Bills now have that true feature back. This off season has just become that much more interesting to see what moves these teams make going forward.

Do you think McCoy to the Bills was the right move?