New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford announced on Saturday the launch of his new philanthropic organization, The Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation at Momentum Cycling and Fitness Studio in Momentum, NJ.

He pulled up to Momentum with a group of very excited fans awaiting his arrival. He got out of the car and immediately went up and gave high fives all around. Then he asked the kids if they always did their homework, to which they all unanimously screamed “Yes!” He asks, ok so who can tell me what 11×4 is? A little boy yells 44! Weatherford high fives him and hands him a signed cleat. The boy was thrilled.

Couldn’t have been a better start to the day.

Weatherford’s foundation directly benefits the many charitable initiatives Weatherford serves – from his Rush the Punter and Kicks for Kids programs in his home town of Terre Haute, Indiana  to his New Jersey based Project Prom campaign, which benefited high school victims of Superstorm Sandy, his health and wellness involvement with Wellness in the Schools and Boys and Girls Club in New Jersey, and helping underprivileged children with Second Chance Toys.

“I am so excited to be able to formalize my charitable work under the umbrella of my new foundation, which will serve to support all of my philanthropic efforts,” says Weatherford. “Our focus will center on family and fitness.”



With the start of the 2014 NFL season — and, of course, Fantasy Football — sports fans nationwide will be tuning in to check out how their teams and players are performing.

That feeling when one of your key players gets injured has to be one of the most nerve-racking moments. A million questions run through your mind, is he out for the game? half the season? the whole season?

To answer your question(s), here are the most common football injuries and their average recovery times:

  1. Head injuries
    Some of the most dangerous and brutal injuries to watch — and to sustain for that matter — are those to the head. Ranging from mild to severe, head injuries can put a player out for a few days to a few months, depending on the severity of the damage. If your player gets a mild concussion, he may only be out for under a week, but if it’s a traumatic brain injury, your player will most likely not see the field for a few months.
  2. Ankle injuries
    A strain can be caused by pulling a muscle or a tendon, and with the amount of strenuous movements that football players go through in practices and games, strains on the ankles are all too common. Recovery periods for this type of injury can last between two to six weeks.
  3. Shoulder injuries
    According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, shoulder injuries are the fourth most common football injury. Whether it’s blocking a tackle or diving for a football, the two most common types of injuries are shoulder dislocation and shoulder separation. Dislocation injuries are usually the result of a fall or a hard tackle and have a recovery period of three to twelve weeks, while shoulder separations take a little less with a typical recovery period of six weeks.
  4. Leg injuries
    An incredible amount of a player’s strength and prowess come from the legs, which is also why they may be susceptible to more injuries. Hamstring injuries account for the most commonly torn muscles in football and can occur if a player exerts a lot of energy and the muscles are not warmed up or fatigued. Contusion injuries can occur from blunt force trauma and, as a contact sport, football churns out this type of injury all too often. Both hamstring and contusion injuries take approximately one to six weeks to heal.
  5. Knee injuries
    Abrupt changes in direction as well as the almost-every-play tackles can wreak havoc on a player’s joints, muscles, and ligaments. ACL, MCL, and meniscus tear injuries are some of the most common knee injuries. ACL injuries are often non-contact injuries that occur during sudden rotating motion. MCL injuries arise when there’s been a particularly brutal force to the outside of a knee, and meniscus tears often happen during a tackle where there is a twisting motion, usually with the foot placed firmly on the ground. MCL injuries and meniscus tears can have a recovery period ranging from one to six weeks, while ACL injuries, depending on their severity, can have a rehabilitation period of up to a lengthy nine months.

Hopefully your favorite players experience none of these injuries, but if they do, we wish them a speedy recovery! Good luck this season.




Each football season, there’s the risk that goes through each football player’s mind: the risk of an injury that could prevent playing time.

For New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford, this risk recently became very real. Weatherford tore four ligaments in his ankle, an injury that is detrimental to his position.  Dr. Tehrany, of Manhattan Orthopedic Care, used his expertise to comment on Weatherford’s injury:

“Weatherford’s injury seems mild based on the way he injured the ankle. Unfortunately, the MRI scan is not 100% accurate in cases of torn ligaments. The initial physical examination and follow-up exams will be crucial. Torn ankle ligaments are classified as mild, moderate, and severe. He will need plenty of RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) as well as physical therapy.”

Even though the leading orthopedic surgeon can’t be sure exactly when he will be fully recovered, it’s clear that he doesn’t think Weatherford should take his injury lightly. Time and patience will be key in this case.

To avoid these types of injuries, here are some precautionary measures an athlete can take:

  1. Don’t push a smaller injury.
    When a player is mildly injured on the field, the best way to make sure
    that the injury does not turn into something much more serious is to give the injury rest. It is important to
    get any and all injuries checked before proceeding with playing time.
  2. Stretching.
    Before each practice and game, every football player knows that the secret to
    preventing an injury is stretching each part of the body. Even 15 minutes of stretching can go a long way
    for avoiding injuries.
  3. Knowing whether to heat or ice a small injury.
    Manhattan Orthopedic Care warns not only football
    players but all people with an injury to research and know that ice is better in the first 24-48 hours and
    heat after in order to aid with pain relief.
  4. Warm up and cool down.
    Small exercise activities before and after playing time allow muscles to
    get ready for playing and increases blood flow.
  5. Stay hydrated.
    During any physical activity, it is extremely important not to underestimate how much
    fluid that a body needs. Continuously grabbing for a sports drink or water can keep the body going and
    avoid an injury.

At the end of every football player’s day, the secret to success is staying healthy and active. Through these measures, a safer and longer lasting game can be on the rise.

Bright Future for the Knicks

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Seems the skies are starting to clear around MSG for the New York Knicks.
Newly appointed head of basketball operations Phil Jackson has already made major changes to the Knicks organization that left much to be desired last year.

Coaching Change:

Mike Woodson was the first change that needed to happen to change the culture in the Knicks locker room. Once Woodson was fired, Phil Jackson turned to Derek Fisher to coach the Knicks with a knowledge of Jackson’s “triangle offense” and years playing for Jackson when he was coach in LA – it will make sure there is no disconnect between the front office and head coach. Fisher will also bring more of a player perspective as he was a point guard on the Thunder last season and has served as president of the Players union.

Bringing back Carmelo Anthony:

Last season we were all questioning whether Carmelo would come back next season or will he bolt for greener pastures. Phil Jackson met and explained to Anthony his plan for the future and the wholesale changes that will be made and it seems, according to reports, that Anthony will indeed commit long term to the Knicks. In fact, a five year deal is currently being finalized for less than the max which is highly unexpected and very important to the Knicks cap situation.

Trading of Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton:

Jackson has being vowing since he was hired that he would fix the locker room divide that plagued the Knicks last season. It was started by the firing of Woodson and was continued by the trading of Chandler, who had struggled through injury plagued seasons with New York as well as some comments to the media about Anthony and other players that weren’t too flattering. Regarding Felton, it’s tough to decide where he was worse: on or off the court, currently caught up in a gun case and seemingly his inability to figure out how to defend the pick and roll or shoot the basketball with any type of consistency made him a big time liability. In return for these two players the Knicks were able to acquire Jose Calderon, a point guard who is a very solid veteran point guard, Samuel Dalembert, a center who is known predominately for his defense, Shane Larkin, a promising second year point guard out of the university of Miami, Wayne Ellington, a true spot up shooter who has bounced around the NBA since getting drafted out of North Carolina, as well as two second round draft picks.

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There is a game that starts before the kick-off, before the tip-off, before the face off; a mental game. It awaits every top athlete in the locker room. It is a game of conquering doubt and embracing the pressure. It is during this game that they find their true strength, the power to win. They find it in prayer, in ritual, and in music. It’s a game that few people have ever seen…until now. 


A Film By: Beats Electronics

In Association With: R/GA, Sword Fight

Directed By: Nabil Elderkin

Original Music: “Jungle” – Jamie N Commons The X Ambassadors


       Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Los Angeles vs. New York, the two cities have competed over rap music, baseball and now, over Lord Stanley. A dream match up for the NHL in terms of big market teams, who are deserving of being here, battle it out for hockey’s grand prize.

The Los Angeles Kings, the western conference representative, started the playoffs as a team that looked like it would be sent home just as fast it got there. Down three to zero in the best of seven series to the Sharks and getting seemingly dismantled every game. Even the most optimistic Kings fan didn’t think they would escape the first round. But much like the team that won the cup two years ago, the Kings picked themselves up and began a historic run of four straight wins including a game seven victory on the road in San Jose in convincing fashion (5-1). This proved to be a theme for this team. The game was dominated by Anze Kopitar and a line that has come to be known as “that’s 70 line” featuring three players that sport numbers in the 70’s (Tanner Pearson, Jeff Carter and Tyler Toffoli). The Anaheim Ducks were the next team up for the Kings and it, once again, seemed like the Kings were going to be eliminated. Down three to two to the number one team in the west, even after winning a game six at home, having to play another game seven on the road in Anaheim, they once again found a way to win as the offense once again exploded this time for six goals. Acquired at the trade deadline, Marian Gaborik really stepped up against the Ducks wearing the goal scoring hat for the Kings. The Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks, it seemed once again like the Kings were heading home – down four to three with eight minutes left in the third period of game seven on the road against the reigning Stanley Cup champions. The Kings found a way to tie it up and win it in OT. Justin Williams and Marian Gaborik were the heroes of the series as both were able to score throughout the series and in game 7.

The New York Rangers, the eastern conference representative, started the playoffs as no expert’s pick to reach the cup. Given new coach Alain Vigneault was implementing his new system and the team’s struggles through stretches of the regular season, it appeared to be a fair call. But this run started with a bitter rival in the Philadelphia Flyers, which was thought to be a series that could go either way. The series went seven games and the Rangers squeaked out a two to one defensive battle. Brad Richards was the key in this series as his timely scoring lead the way for the Rangers. The next round it looked as if the experts were going to be right, the Rangers had to play the Pittsburgh Penguins and two of the best players in the NHL Sidney Crosby and Evegni Malkin. Down three games to one many had begun to look at next season. Then when forward Martin St. Louis heard about the news of his mom passing on, everything turned away from hockey. The Rangers went and attended the funeral in Canada which showed the character of the team as St. Louis had just recently been traded over from Tampa Bay for Ranger captain at the time Ryan Callahan. Many wondered if he would play and when he suited up it sparked this family feeling among the Rangers and they came all the way back and won the series in seven games. At this point the Rangers had started to pick up believers that thought they could reach the Cup. However, many still thought it would be the Montreal Canadians that would get there. So while most of Canada was looking into Stanley Cup tickets, the Rangers did what they had done all playoffs: surprise everyone and defy the experts as they jumped all over and dominated the Canadians throughout the series. Winning the series in six games the Rangers have now proven that they are for real and are the Eastern Conference Champions. Throughout the playoff run Henrik Lundqvist played how the world’s best goalie should, as he was a brick wall in the net.

Key Players: Los Angeles Kings:

Jonathon Quick- He has been shaky at different parts of the playoffs and will have to be much better in this series.

Anze Kopitar- The top offensive player for the Kings, leads the NHL in points throughout these playoffs.

Jeff Carter- Tremendous offensive skill, second in the league in playoffs, should use bigger frame in front of Lundqvist as a screener and someone who can get to the net.

Drew Doughty- The top defense man for the Kings and best two defense man in the league. He should be on the ice most of this series and needs to make an impact on this series on both ends of the ice.

Marian Gaborik- Leading the NHL playoffs in goals and playing the team that traded him away; expect him to have a big series against his former team.

Key Players: New York Rangers:

Henrik Lundqvist- The top player for the Rangers needs to be the top player in this series for the Rangers to win it

Martin St. Louis- Tied for the team lead in points, needs to keep up timely scoring in this series.

Ryan McDonagh- The Rangers top defender is going to have his hands full most of the series with the Kings offense but must also contribute offensively as he has in these playoffs.

Derek Stepan- Nobody will question his toughness playing through a broken jaw. However, the Rangers do need him to be competitive in the face off dot and be an offensive threat this series.

Rick Nash- Hasn’t been able to get going throughout the playoffs, but needs to and will have a great chance against a weaker Kings defense. Nash should be able to use his size on the smaller Kings defenders and be able to make plays in the dirty areas.

How the Kings win the cup:

  • Dominate the face off circle. The Kings have the decided advantage in faceoffs; it is key to take advantage of this
  • Get top Kopitar, Carter and Gaborik into space. Get the top players into space to show off their play making ability
  • Get to Lundqvist earlier. If they allow Lundqvist to feel comfortable and not keep him on edge all series, it will be next impossible for the Kings to score
  • Get physical. Captain Dustin Brown knows all about this and LA should come out the gates ready to hit
  • Power play efficiency: The Kings have 17 power play goals this playoffs at an outstanding 25% this will need to continue

How the Rangers win the Cup:

  • Lundqvist dominates. King Henrik needs to be the man and have the Kings get frustrated offensively early on in this series.
  • Be the underdog. Let everyone pick against you, just have the us against the world view in the locker room like it’s been much of the playoffs.
  • Roll out all four lines. Keep the depth, while it seems the Kings have more depth, the Rangers fourth line isn’t afraid to get physical and could get in Kings’ star players heads.
  • Speed, speed and more speed. The Rangers are clearly the faster team and must get the puck deep, use speed to get behind the Kings defense and allow play makers to get into space.
  • Vice grip defense. Don’t allow the Kings to possess the puck and get Drew Doughty up playing offense allow no space for the Kings star players and force far shots that allow Hank to see the puck easily.

X Factor, Kings:

Justin Williams: A key piece for the Kings on offense. He could be the guy who is able to find space on the ice with the Rangers focused on the other top scorers. He steps up when it matters most in game sevens, and he has a record of seven and zero with seven goals and seven assists.

X Factor, Rangers:

Chris Krieder: The key to the Ranger game plan is to use speed to get behind the Kings defense and nobody has been better at that this playoffs than Krieder, who will look to do the same to the Kings all series.


Rangers in six. The Rangers are the team of destiny and have looked the part of Cinderella all playoffs now its time to come to the ball and crown King Henrik.

Rangers vs Kings